23rd to 25th

Prime Circle - one of the most successful bands in South Afrika

Großmarkt +++ main stage +++ Saturday, 25th June +++ from 7 pm


Their 2003 debut, Hello Crazy World, rocketed to gold status in South Africa, with “Live This Life” (the 2005 follow-up following suit) – fairly groundbreaking stuff for the fresh-faced newbies to the local rock scene. Singles such as “Hello”, “Live This Life” and “My Inspiration” earned heavy rotatioan on South African radio. 2008 saw Prime Circle’s signing to EMI, as well as the release of an album that would signal them as a seminal South African act. “All or Nothing” demonstrated the difference between a good band and a great one. To date, the first single from “All or Nothing”, “She Always Gets What She Wants”, has received over 789 000 YouTube hits. It is the most-viewed South African rock song of all time on the channel, and cements Prime Circle’s status as the most successful South African rock band in history. Award-winning follow-up singles from the album include “Out of This Place” and “Consider Me”. “Jekyll & Hyde”, unleashed in 2010, had a lot to live up to – but Prime Circle have never been a band to shy away from a challenge.

“Without the fans, we would be nothing. And I don’t ever want to do anything else. Creating music for a living is a privilege, and we never forget that.” – says the leadsinger.

Stacie Collins - southern rock directly from Nashville

Sometimes Ya Gotta… that’s the new album of the rock singer Stacie Collins from Nashville and you don’t need to have a lot of fantasy to complete the first phrase after the first listening – sometimes ya gotta rock out bad-ass, sometimes ya gotta take the blues and nail it down to the floor, sometimes ya gotta sing your heart out and blow the harp like the devil – or simply: sometimes ya gotta make such a fine record like this one!  Stacie Collins is already popular in the states, if the topic is Roots Rock with Southern Boogie, Blues or some Country, with Sometimes Ya Gotta… she should sweep us off our feet!

Großmarkt +++ main stage +++ Sunday, 26th June +++ from 04.15 pm

Stacie Collins mit ihrem neuen Album Roll The Dice

This is Rock'n'Roll

The Quireboys (UK)

The Quireboys quickly established themselves in London and its surrounding with their hardrock that is highly influenced by rhythm ‘n’ blues. As soon as Sharon Osbourne assumed leadership in the management, the Quireboys were contracted by EMI with their debut “‘A Bit Of What You Fancy”. On their tours, they played with Guns N’ Roses on the “Use Your Illusion”-Tour as well as with the Rolling Stones and Bon Jovi.
After their comeback in 2013, they published a new album in June named “Black Eyed Sons” to celebrate their 30-year-old existence. Spike (singing), Guy Griffin (guitar), Paul Guerin (guitar) and Keith Weir (keyboard) have worked long on establishing and arousing one of the most popular british rock ‘n’ roll bands.

Großmarkt +++ main stage +++ Friday, 24th June +++ from 09:15 pm

HER & Kings County (US)

HER & Kings Countys lead singer Monique Staffile is always full of power and energy; she’s wild, reckless and really hot. The band is termed as the most dangerous outfit of country music because they push musical boundaries and mix different styles. They are being trade as the next new discovery of country. On their stage performance, they play their own songs and some coversongs with a lot of fun and pace, always in memory of their models. They played in front of hundreds of fans on their world tour with their new album, that was published with the label Warner-Elektra (Nashville). HER played with Kid Rock, REO Speedwagon, Charlie Daniels und Wynonna, just to name some of them.

Großmarkt +++ main stage +++ Saturday, 25th June +++ from 04.45 pm

If you wanna get to heaven...


The band, founded by Hans Ziller in 1972, was named Cacunen first. Bonfire – thrilling and fiery and international – came with the change of the record company. After Bonfire established themselves internationally with the chart-album „GLÖRIOUS” in 2015, they celebrate their 30th anniversary on stage in 2016, also at the Hamburg Harley Days event. The album is described as a successful new start, also represented by the new band member David Reece. Hans Ziller is the only remaining founding member of the band. At his side: Frank Pane (Guitar) and Ronnie Parker (Bass). It’s going to be a bonfire for all friends of Hard Rock made in Germany!
Großmarkt +++ main stage +++ Friday, 24th June +++ 7 pm

Bonfire - Remember

Zodiac Live


5  guys, that are rocking in the music scene for years, do the honors… Bluedog present songs from 7 decades. Rock, Blues, Rock’n’ Roll, Country, Covers at its finest but also own creations! The Star with the Bluesharp: Patrick Bach!

Großmarkt +++ Main Stage +++ Friday 24th +++ 3 pm


The blues-rock-quartet from Münster was founded by the guitarist Stefan Gall and the drummer Janosch Rathner. They played their first concerts in april 2011. The band is especially known for their joy of playing at live-acts – a mixture of hard-rock, classic rock, blues-rock. The founding members produced three studio-albums with their band members Nick van Delft and Ruben Claro in the last 4 years.

Großmarkt +++ main stage +++ Friday, 24th June +++ 7 pm


Their new album „MOTOR AN!” (engl. engine on!) sounds just like it’s made for the Harley Days: The rock-band Ohrenfeindt, founded in 1994, comes from St. Pauli in Hamburg and can serve with a home advantage. They are playing both in small, smoky clubs and on big stages. They toured with Birth Control, Popa Chubby from New York, the Australians Rose Tattoo, the Scots Nazareth, Torfrock, In Extremo and the Toten Hosen. Their cult-song „Harley luja” made it on the 100-year-Harley Davidson sampler (besides Doro, Judas Priest and UFO), as the only German title.

Großmarkt +++ main stage +++ Saturday, 25th June +++ 9.15 pm

Ohrenfeindt - MOTOR AN!

Programm Jever Cowboy Bar

Friday, 24th June

from 3 pm  Die Zwei!

Jessy Martens und Max Kretzenbacher are “Die Zwei!” When they are on stage, everyone is footloose. Their programme contains Rock‘n‘Roll, Blues and the latest Pop & Rock

from 7 pm Mallet

100% handmade Classic Rock – The boys from Wiesbaden offer Classic Rock in all its facets. Sometimes harder, sometimes softer, blues, rock

Saturday, 25th June

from 2 pm BLUEDOG feat. Patrick Bach

Rock, Blues, Rock’n’ Roll, Country… Covers at its finest but also own creations! The Star with the Bluesharp: Patrick Bach!

from 7 pm Cash Boys


Sunday, 26th June

from 2 pm Rocksin

Powerful mix of Rock’n’Roll, Swing, Country und influences of the legendary 50s