28th to 30th

The New Roses

Heavy Rock’n’Roll from the Rheingau region.

The New Roses sensationally entered the german album charts at #20 with their current album ‘One More For The Road’ and have been played in german rock radios well over 1200 times. They are among the best and most successfull new hard rock bands in Germany. In the last two years The New Roses performed over 200 shows in Germany, Austria, Swizerland, England, France, Spain and Benelux. Amongst others, they played at the Champions League Festival at the Brandenburg Gate, the Hamburg Harley Days, the Loveride Festival and the Summerbreeze. They also toured as Special Guest with ACCEPT, Tremonti, Y&T and The Dead Daisies.

THE NEW ROSES - Every Wild Heart

(Official Video)

John Diva & The Rockets of Love

The ultimate 80s Rockshow – Extravaganza, Star & Stripes, long manes, sexy cheerleader and the biggest and best rock hits of all times –  Spektakel, Stars & Stripes, lange Mähnen, sexy Cheerleader und die größten und besten Rockhits aller Zeiten – it’s been a while since the 80s rocked as authentic and glamorous like that – arena rock at it’s best!

John Diva rousingly performs the greatest hits from the most popular rock bands worldwide live on stage: Here I Go Again, Rock You Like A Hurricane, Living On A Prayer, Why Can’t This Be Love, Paradise City or Poison… by the way, songs in which Diva was significantly involved as a songwriter!

An explosive Show with lots of make up, the greatest poses and all the clichés about the so-called ‘poser rock’ of the 80s.

JOHN DIVA - Trailer 2016

Modern Earl

Southern Roots/Rock – they bring the Southern States to Europe!

Modern Earl is a sensational live band. The four musicians from Nashville and Denver deliver an authentic southern roots/ rock sound and additionally use elements from Bluegrass and Psychodelic rock. For eight years Modern Earl tours in Europe and after over 1000 shows they also have gathered their fans in Germany.  Their sixth album “Ameriphonica” releases in spring 2018 and it will be tirelessly promoted on this tour! The first single “Gone To The Country” with a new music video was published at the beginning of 2018 and immediately reached first place of “best new track of the week” in the Classic Rock Magazine, UK, in february. Christopher Earl Hudson, Ethan Schaffner, Ben Hunt and Dan Telander make the band seem like energetic, musical fireworks, that will be ignited  at every concert on stage. They don’t make compromises in their music and always present a special and authentic style in music along with strong vocal harmonies and powerful guitar sounds!

Modern Earl - Gone To The Country


Energetic Blues-Rock from Down Under

After over two decades on the road and a string of albums to their credit, VDELLI will be back in Europe on tour in 2018 showcasing the cream of their experience. Supports for BB King, Buddy Guy, ZZ Top, Jimmy Barnes, The Animals, The Yardbirds, Canned Heat and many others has helped shape this band from down under. Their two performances at Sweden Rock in 2012 and 2014 proved beyond doubt they could cut it on the big stage.

With every album searching for new discoveries, the band has, over the years, explored musical styles ranging from traditional blues, blues rock, rock, hard rock, metal, funk, fusion, world music, indi rock and jazz. Western Australian singer and guitarist Michael Vdelli plays with rhythm section Michi Weber (Upright and Electric Bass) and Björn Hofmann (Drums) – a mighty combo! The line up and repertoire will come full circle and get back to the blues based style that is where it all started and what Michael feels the band plays best. Of course the influences that band has accumulated over the years will be heard shining through which is why VDELLI are a unique, must see act.

“One of the most groundbreaking groups in Blues Rock” (Classic Rock Magazine)

VDELLI - Change The View


Dilana started singing in her homeland South Africa and scored a national number one hit with her band Wozani. She soon found herself with a promising music career in Holland, becoming one of the country’s most coveted live acts. Recording and releasing the album Wonderfool in 2000 yielded five singles, four videos and a string of touring and festival gigs throughout the region, celebrating her natural talents as a songwriter and performer.
She moved to the USA and gained a loyal and large following after being the runner up on the TV show “Rock Star Supernova” with Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Jason Newstead (Metallica), Gilby Clarke (Guns n Roses) and Dave Navarro (Jane’s addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers). As new opportunities presented themselves, Dilana jumped at the chance to venture into film acting. The singer/songwriter won several BEST ACTRESS and BEST MUSIC awards for the 9 songs she wrote and performed in the rock drama: Angel Camouflaged.
2017/2018 brought Dilana to Holland to follow her career and raise her daughter. She is currently working on her first cover album and writing songs for a new album, both tentatively set to be released in 2018. Her newest single Behind Closed Doors, was written by Dilana specifically for the CKM/FIER organization to help with the awareness campaign of Child and Human Trafficking.



Four exceptional full-blooded musicians, who unleash their combined proficiency in energetic and diversified sounds – Rocksin adds their very personal touch to a powerful mix of rock’n’roll, swing, country and influences from the legendary 50s. The results are creative songtexts, that are skillfully and harmonically embedded into the melodies and give every tracks that extra lift.
Singer JP King exites with his warm, deep and at the same time powerful voice as well as his amazing charme.
Thilo Weging is a diabolically good guitar player, who is not close to being satisfied with his ingenious guitar riffs that he knows by heart, but always gets more out of his instrument for the audience.
For Bass player Rossi van Houten, his bass is more than just an instrument.
Bassist Rossi van Houten, für den sein Bass mehr als nur ein Instrument ist. He plucks the strings sometimes very sensitive, another time more fierce, like there’s no tomorrow. The big instrument won’t prevent him from enthralling the stage: he gives everything, if lying down or standing on his bass.

Sunday, 24th June: 2pm main stage

Rocksin Bombshell

Kensington Road

Holding your feet still? Stay cool? This can only be done by cruel stoics while listening to the songs of Berlin band Kensington Road. Everyone else is immediately hooked by the international sound of the band, that skillfully bridges between indie rock and alternative pop. Genuine songs, that do without all the bells and whistles and affectaton – because after thousands of kilometres in a tour bus throughout Europe and countless live shows, the hard-working band Kensington Road knows exactly what they are singing about.
‘Lumidor’ is their third album and will be released at the 3rd of August 2018. It’s packed with songs that are even more rocking, straightforward and simple.  The new single ‘White Noise’ (release date: 25.5.2018) gives a small taster of the new albums intensive vibe: a song, that plays with the bittersweet moments of life contentwise and musically.

Sunday, 24th June: 4:30 pm, main stage


AUREL feat. Bluedog

Southern rock from the far north

Everyone knows his voice. Stefan Aurel Schlabritz is Germany’s most successful advertising voice-over for years. ‘Das einzig wahre Warsteiner’, McDonalds, Sparkasse, Mercedes, and more. He has been working as a musician for a long time, too – various english speaking releases and countless concerts and tours at home and abroad. Now he adds a face to his voice and gets back to the roots with AUREL (his middle name): the german language. With ‘Sonne’ he delivers a down-to-earth, straightforward album. Catchy melodies, clever lyrics. Handmade and eternal. Together with his band Bluedog her presents a robust mix of southern rock, country and rock’n’roll.

Saturday, 23rd June: 7.00 pm, Jever Cowboy Bar

Aurel - Frei Sein (D7/7us)

The Wake Woods

With “Blow Up Your Radio” The Wake Woods released their second album in February 2018 and they are once again going on tour. The audience awaits an adrenalin-fuelled hammer after another – according to the press! That is honest and handmade rock music.  In one of their song it suitably says: „Folks along the main route couldn´t make me stay”. They don’t build on mainstream or consider airplay! However: catchy hooks and the distinctive, strong voice of lead singer Ingo Siara really gets into the ears. The Sound of the young band from Berlin reminds of Jet, The Hives and the good, old rock music of the 60s and 70s, but in their own energetic style – fresh, direct and full of adrenaline!

Friday, 22nd June: 5 pm, main stage

THE WAKE WOODS - Blow Up Your Radio (Official Video)

Wayne Morris

Rocking interpretations of hits from the last 50 years

Allround talent Wayne Morris is entertainer, singer/ songwriter, producer and guitar man.
Hi classic rock’n’pop show is a must for all music fans. He performed live with Joe Cocker, DJ Ötzi and Status Quo. He also wrote a lot of songs for Status Quo together with his songwriting partner Rick Parfitt.
Furthermore, with his band he rocked the Rathausmarkt at the Kieler Woche, played concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in London, at the Sandy Lane Hotel Barbados, the Hongkong University, the Oberhausen Arena and supported Udo Jurgens at his NDR gigs.

Wayne Morris is a world class artist and a guarantor for a great mood and a lot of fun.

Sunday, 24th June: 2.00 pm, Jever Cowboy Bar

Rockhouse Brothers

Enthralling Rock´n Roll Show

Rewarded as the worlds best studio band by Sat.1 Frühstücksfernsehen, the Rockhouse Brothers are back on the road and they stir up a lot of dust in Europe. Members of the Rockhouse Brothers are Joey “the Saint” an his “little Brother” Jamie. Born in America but raised in England, they are dedicated to one main object by now: to play themselves into the hearts of the audience. Exactly that is drummer Wolff “the Wolfman” Reicherts’ specialty, who already has his own growing fan group! Their way of combining 50s Rock’n’Roll with contemporary party hits, has proved itself to be a recipe for success for any kind of event. From Hamburgs Reeperbahn-clubs to concert halls, music festivals, as far as cruises and of course tv and gala events, this is where the party is. 200 concerts a year lead to performances with Melanie Fiona, David Garret, Chris de Burgh, Roger Cicero, Chris Norman (Smokie), Max Mutzke and many others. Jamie and “the Wolfman” met 2000 on stage at “Buddy- das Musical”. Thereupon together with Joey they founded the Rockhouse Brothers.


Rockmusic of the 1970s

Eight musicians from the Wendland (rural district of Lüchow-Dannenberg), known for the annual castor transports, have become devotees of the 70s rockmusic. The music of Carlos Santana takes up a big part of the programm. However, Meiselgeier does not regard themselves als Santana cover band, but much more as a band who loves the 70s music. And thats what they communicate during their concerts. Meiselgeier do not just play the music of the 70s –  they are the sound of the 70s. Whether it’s Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, ACDC or Golden Earing, the band Meiselgeier unite the greatest hits of that time.